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 the village hidden in the shadow (wip)

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PostSubject: the village hidden in the shadow (wip)   20th May 2014, 11:03 pm

Kaosagakure the home of the main force of kaos the outside is protected by a five seals barrier each tag located at a specific location around the village perimeter requires A-rank strength to remove. Once the tags are removed the village will become completely visible while the people whom removed the tags will find themselves replicated forcing them to have to fight to continue on, the copies posses and can use all of the skills and abilities of the original. Those who approach the village are scanned by the 6 automated turrets that are strategically position to cover all directions. 4 of these turrets are up high on the steel walls that surround the village covering the four corners of the village. The other two are embedded in the ground in front of the village and on either side of the gate which spring up once the barrier comes down.


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the village hidden in the shadow (wip)
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