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 Kaii's Training

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PostSubject: Kaii's Training   Kaii's Training Icon_minitime5th May 2014, 12:46 am


Kaii walked onto the training ground with a normal look and his hands in his pockets. He was wearing no shoes, some silk shorts that were white, a black, tight, sleeveless shirt that showed his muscles. Of course he was wearing his black mask that he pulled up over to the bridge of his nose. He was at the outside training area, where it was super cold, and windy. The cold air slapped his face, but he didn't feel how cold it was because he was a Toketsu. A ninja with a clan that specialized in ice techniques and temperature below zero. Kaii was happy to now be a full fledged shinobi after being promoted to a Genin by a man named Xander. He was going to work really hard to show that he was the best Genin around. He just couldn't lose any more fights, not even spars. He wanted to show his skill to everyone. He wanted to become a war hero. But to do all these things he had to do two things, train and put in work, working his hardest would help out in the long run. Kaii tightened his headband around his head. Here was the time to act, he was going to work his ass off. He had a whole bunch of jutsu he was going to be training for, and he was not going to stop until he mastered every last one of them, hell, he even had some jutsu that he thought of alone, which he though would increase his arsenal by a whole lot. Kaii did a few stretches and meditating as it lightly snowed, he needed all the energy he could get before he started the training session. After some meditating and some classic stretching, the cold boy was ready to go. He pulled out two scrolls that were primarily Ninjutsu, which could help out in some tough fights. The first tech was called Instant Snow. The jutsu was a tech that was made for defense, so when the user didn't have time to dodge or block an attack, the snow in the air and on the ground could instantly come block the attack. The jutsu would mostly be helpful for blind attacks, or more specifically sneak attacks and ambushes. The other jutsu was also a Ninjutsu, but was made for running faster, and having the ability to move quickly, for either attacks, or dodging. Anyways, Kaii was ready for the most challenging training of his life, so far. He opened both scrolls and read the descriptions and directions for the both of the jutsu, trying to get a grasp of how to preform each of the not so challenging jutsu. His most challenging part of the training would be at the end when he would create his own kind of special tech. Now that technique would be able to change a lot and maybe earn him a nick name. After learning how to preform each jutsu, he preformed the first one, by making hand signs. To make sure the jutsu was used right, he would fall back. The snow caught him from his fall and he stood up, happy he mastered the jutsu with so much ease. Kaii then preformed more had signs and concentrated all his chakra toward his feet, every step he ended up boosting a wind gust from under his foot, increasing his speed to the next level. Everything was working great, he already mastered two of the jutsu he wanted to learn. Next thing he did was went over to a stationary punching bag, but he wasn't necessarily going to punch it. He started swinging his legs in a combo, at the bag full force, the kicks all landed in a rapid succession. Looked like he created yet another Taijutsu tech that he could incorporate into his fighting. Kaii then sat down a meditated some more before slowly standing up, ready to see if his custom jutsu would work and become a great success. He would focus all his chakra on his ice and snow and would try to create some ice to coat his finger. He screamed as he let his chakra roar, trying to make his ice colder that it already was. At first normal ice covered his finger tip, but after about an hour of chakra fluctuation and a lot of screaming, the ice started to get cold, it started to get more dense and dark. The ice gained a blue, black color and looked inhuman. He smirked as his jutsu idea was success, and he should be able to finally train a tech, using his Black Ice style. This style of fighting would be able to use its coldness to burn the living shit out of people, yes burn. He did a few hand signs and gathered chakra into his lungs before releasing a black and blue wind at the punching bag, which was coated n ice afterwards. Looked like Kaii's training was completed. He learned everything h said he was and now he was way stronger, but tired. He was really tired. He picked up his scrolls with a sigh of relief and headed home. As he walked home he looked up at the sky, which had snow falling down softly, looking so peaceful, hey maybe he would be able to make a jutsu out of that, Black Ice: Heaven's Frosty Tears?

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Mmk approved

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Kaii's Training
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