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 Gabriel Taki (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Gabriel Taki (W.I.P)   Gabriel Taki (W.I.P) Icon_minitime4th April 2014, 6:51 am

Personal Info

Name: Gabriel Taki
Alias: Brink The Perfect
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 195lbs.
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Personality: Gabriel is and was always considered to be weird and unwanted by every group due to his lack of faith in shinobi. He was always caught reading books on civilian life and things of that nature, politics, literature, history and the Shogunate’s systematic takeover. Due to his isolation from everyone else Gabriel was able to train and easily gain advantage over the slackers who had KKG from birth and felt they could beat him on a whim, with his medical prowess he has lasted and survived anything thrown at him so far, he prides himself on medical ninjutsu and worldly knowledge as he has traveled all over the world one before.


History: Gabriel was born in the hospital of Ibaragakure too two exceptional Taki medical ninja who had generations of medical ninja in their family prior to them. It was amazing to know one’s heritage was so rich with medical knowledge even ancient methods of medical procedures from when the villages first started using medical ninjusu. It was this that drove Gabriel at a young age to choose then and there that he wanted to follow no he wanted to surpass all the medical ninja before him in skill, drive, and passion for the art itself. From the academy he was taught by another Taki luckily which gave him a relation to the teacher which made him stay after class for extra projects that intrigued him like dissections, blood transfusions and the art of making solider pills to aid in battle. He quickly rose to the rank of genin where he then took the Tokubetsu examination and passed seeing as the medical field was the place for him but he needed to accomplish something before he solely took that route, he had to finish seeing the rest of the world before he stayed stuck to a village the rest of his life, I’m sure the Kage could understand that one must find himself before mastering any art so he left Ibaragakure and haven't been back since, they have been many attempts on his life but he is managing.

Ninja Info

Village: Missing Ninja
Rank: A-Rank
Clan: Taki Clan
Chakra Nature: Lightning, Earth, Fire

Primary Weapon:

Secondary Weapon:

Perfect Disorder:
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PostSubject: Re: Gabriel Taki (W.I.P)   Gabriel Taki (W.I.P) Icon_minitime4th April 2014, 11:30 am

You don't have a jonin normal character the highest missing nin you can make is a D-rank due to Ace being an AS

Gabriel Taki (W.I.P) Sf_jur10
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Gabriel Taki (W.I.P)
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