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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 Travelling to echoes

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PostSubject: Travelling to echoes   15th February 2014, 2:01 pm

Tika was currently at his home preparing himself the invitation to the jonin exams lay on his night stand as he packed some spare kunai into his pouch he would grab his mesh undershirt followed by the short sleeve clan emblazend shirt he going back to his bed he'd put his sui kougake away in the pouch before closing it and attaching it to his black cargo pants hed place his old storm ops armor over top of his shirt before placing his clans robe over it follwed by habakusha kohai he would pull the hood of the robe over his head before dawning his mask and grabbing his invitation. As he left he would look back before closing the door and beginning his walk to the village gates he didnt know where asura or tennin were but they were fully capable shinobi so he decided nt to stress it he would enjoy the walk some of his clansmen cheering for him as he left the district he would just wave smiling soon he would reach the gates as he did he would look back once more for the others seeing no sign of them his kyougans third stage would activate before a whirlwind of fire would follow surrounding him and he would be gone moving at a-rank speeds he would gradually make his way there minding himself not to be picked up on by other shinobi he was in a hurry and didnt really have time to be side tracked though his mask would conceal his identity it would take him some time to reach echoes and it would be boring going alone but fuk it he kept moving deciding to not waste time seeing as how he could go his own an hell before he knew it he would end up in echoes even passing by the land of forsaken on the way but the trip was time to reflect and think on the times all of of his friends and family that he long since have missed the fact that he never got to actually have kids and being alive to see his teachers and best friends kids begin to grow hurt but more so than anything he wanted to make them proud so he was going to try his best in passing besides his age was proof enough that he should pass this nun the less things happen he thought as he continued on the deciding to make thing fun he would boost his speed in bursts in open area deciding to see how much of a differance things were going to be in terms of collateral damage and the like seeing as how he was particulary dangerous to be around he wondered if the would attempt to put him with a squad or not but by time he had thought through all of these things he had realized he was already here and now all that was left to do was see if the othera made it and fight the area he was to wait in

512 words


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PostSubject: Re: Travelling to echoes   15th February 2014, 2:48 pm


Shadows -> Silence -> Decay -> Screams. Just 3 more 500 Word Travels to go.


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Travelling to echoes
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