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 Hyde Ichika(Wip)

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PostSubject: Hyde Ichika(Wip)   Hyde Ichika(Wip) Icon_minitime9th December 2013, 2:55 pm

Personal Info

Name:Hyde Ichika
Alias: "Wesal Snip"
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius

Personality:Almost Silent, Aloof, Curious, Honorable, Caring, Sorta Naive.

Appearance:Hyde Ichika(Wip) Archer117


Born December 25(Christmas) morning to two jonin Cypher Hyde was raised to proudly serve his village. His dream is to become Kage of Shi like the great ones before him. He idolized the kages of the past mainly the two Kukinorite's Cassandra and Taizen. His mom and dad died when he was just 7 years old and entering the academy. The death of his family further drove him to succeed in his goal and made him swear on his parents he would fight hard to get to live out his dream.

Academy: With his father's long bow, Tsuki. Hyde began his journey through ninja academy. After a few failed test and bumps the road Hyde passed his exam and became a Genin. After this he would work on how to use his reactor power of magnetism to further his combat prowess.

Genin:Now in a three man squad Hyde furthered his abilities and prowess as a marksman. After a year of training Hyde was entered into the Chunin Exams with his team. The year he entered had a talented bunch. The competition was tough but Hyde gained his Chunin promotion. For him there was no time to sit down and rest he pushed himself forward to his next step.

Chunin: Hyde took time to figure out his path and figure he would rank through when he could. He found that the tobetsu exam was coming up and took part. He trained hard and fought well through out this time. Even with all his training her barely passed his exam. This put alot in prospective for Hyde on how much he needed to train and work to become a Kage. From then on he kept moving and working harder to keep his dream alive.


Cypher Info

Reactor Core:Magnet

Primary Weapon:
Shuriken Type:3 point
Bow:Long Bow
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Hyde Ichika(Wip)
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